Via TRM is on a mission to empower every advisor to engage #everystudent in education abroad. Our user-friendly advising and enrollment management software helps international educators reach more students, streamline applications, and create new efficiencies.

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We are international educators, entrepreneurs, and technologists. Our personal experiences in education abroad and meaningful travel inspire, challenge, and motivate us to help our clients fulfill their unique mission.

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Why Via TRM?

Via TRM software is functional and engaging because we know that creating good digital experiences increases trust in your organization. Our user-friendly system supports the student journey from the moment of interest, through application, participation, and alumni.

We serve one person offices as well as large organizations ready to invest in technology that makes sense for today’s students, faculty, and staff.

Our secure software is built and hosted in the cloud, allowing our clients to enjoy new releases several times a month. We build and maintain our technology and respond to the evolving needs of clients and the field of international education.

We Promise:

Our Philosophy

We believe that #everystudent should have the opportunity to engage in global learning opportunities, at home and abroad. As campuses and organizations strive to increase participation and access, it is important to invest in well-designed technology that supports responsible growth, increases access, and enhances human interactions. We work with our partners to engage the new freshman or first-year student on campus, the “just-curious” or “not sure yet” student, and students with diverse interests and backgrounds.

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